About Us

Diesel is an everyday essential for many businesses alike. The gap in the electricity supply and demand results in power cuts and some areas suffer from a no electricity situation even today. As a result, industries, corporate parks, buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, other businesses, etc. are dependent on power generators which constantly consume a heavy amount of diesel.

Fuel is classified as a Grade B petroleum product by the Petroleum Ministry and there are prescribed guidelines for handling transport and storage of Diesel; still, fuel procurement is done in a hazardous manner. Fuel for personal and professional use is carried in plastic containers, barrels, and canisters that are risky.

This is where The Fuel Delivery steps in, which puts an end to all your fuel requirement problems.

Rst Fuel Delivery Private Limited is a team of young & experienced professionals with varied experience in different business verticals. Rst Fuel Delivery Private Limited is an ethical and compliant organization with customer satisfaction as the top priority, and the best utilization of technology is the success mantra for TFD.